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The basics of international lottery websites in India

There are different possibilities for those willing to bet their money for the chance of earning a lot of money. One of them is to choose the national lotteries in India, such as Kerala or Sikkim. On the other hand, the players can choose to bet outside of India, using the lottery agents – or international lottery websites.

Lottery in India

It’s possible to win in both, although each of them will always have their advantages and disadvantages. Since you reached our website, you are most likely interested in knowing how you can benefit from international lotteries. That’s precisely our goal: to let you know that you can bet on websites with higher payouts!

Why choose international websites over national lotteries?

When betting internationally in whichever type of game, the player isn’t subject to the national laws. Therefore, that’s the only way to play in lotteries that aren’t owned by the government. With the national lotteries, only the public power determines the payouts and chances, which works like a monopoly.

Therefore, the first advantage relies on having lots of different options. Consequently, the dispute between international lottery websites available in India makes the game more profitable for the player. The rates, payouts, and even lottery tickets price will offer better conditions than that of the national lotteries.

Now that you know that, it’s time to get to know more about how to win lottery online games and play them. We’ll also get to know more advantages of playing lottery online, rather than at your local place.

How to start playing the lottery online?

Playing the lottery online is rather simple: you need a lottery ticket – or a bunch of them – and hope that you are lucky. It’s similar to the national lottery played in India but played from wherever you are. It’s as easy as pushing a few buttons on your mobile device or clicking with your computer’s mouse.

The first step is to select a lottery agent that is specialized in lotteries in India. The fact of being a website for lotteries is hugely relevant to make sure we find the best conditions. We have an extensive and safe selection of the best agents found in India, which will save you time and money.

Once a website is found, it’s necessary to go through a quick registering process the first time. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and then it’ll be possible to purchase your lottery ticket. All the necessary information is for the safety of the player – all banking and financial data will run through institutions.

With a registered account, the player can bet from a mobile device or computer in India. It’s legal and safe to do so, and the money is transferred through valid sources – if you pick one of the websites we recommend.

How to pick a good agent to start playing?

The first step is to have a list of safe and trustworthy websites like the one we offer here at Lotterindia.com. You’ll then choose the best lottery website in India according to conditions that satisfy your needs. We have good examples, like Lotto247 and The Lotter, but the final choice is always up to a good Indian player.

First, make sure to select American or European lottery agents in India, for they have the best payouts. Also, you need more than a safe ground to purchase a lottery ticket in India: you want great games! Therefore, we recommend that the chosen website have the following lottery online games:

  • EuroMillions
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • SuperLotto Plus

They are only a few of the many lotteries available on sites for Indian players out there. However, they are a great start, and you might even decide to stick with them. It’s entirely possible to keep getting money being lucky in those games.

What are the best lottery games in India?

Describing the types of lottery games in India that you may find in the agents is our way to introduce this world to you. By reading this topic of the article, you’ll be more ready to pick the right game for your strategy. Maybe all you want is some fun, and then a particular mechanism might be better than others.

To help you clarify your doubts regarding the lottery games, let’s take a quick look at them.

Playing Euromillions online in India

Euromillions is a European international lottery online game, available in Indian states and across the globe. Do you want to know not only how to win the lottery game, but how much you can earn? The Euromillions game alone can release a jackpot anywhere from 130 to 14500 crores.

It’s one of the most basic international lotteries for Indian players, with up to 50 numbers and two lucky ones. The latter is called Lucky Star numbers and can vary from 1 to 12. The jackpot is awarded to the players lucky enough to guess the five numbers and the two lucky ones.

Also, it’s not only the jackpot that awards people with money and prizes. There are 13 other tiers which award people who match two or more main numbers – with a smaller payment, of course. You may occasionally find super draws and participate to have a chance of winning an even higher jackpot!

The famous Powerball lottery online game

The main differences between Powerball and Euromillions are the fact that this one is American and that its minimum jackpot is 280 crores. You may pick five numbers that go anywhere from 1 to 69, plus a unique number from 1 to 26. The latter is called a Powerball number, and it plays a special part in this lottery game.

Once again, the jackpot is for the lucky Indian player who guesses the five numbers and the Powerball one correctly. The second-tier award is for those who only don’t get the Powerball number. Players who don’t achieve both can at least win 7 other tiers with different prizes.

Also, you might want to add extra money to receive even more in case you get at least a few numbers right.

International lottery game Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another chance of buying a lottery ticket online in India and becoming rich. It’s also an American game that also pays approximately 280 crores minimum. The Mega Ball replaces the Lucky Stars and Powerball numbers of the last two games. Together with it, the player should guess five numbers from 1 to 70.

This game is a bit harder, statistically speaking, but offers nine other prizes for those playing this lottery online. If you are looking for a fun challenge, you might want to check Mega Millions in India.

Best international lotteries

What are the main advantages of international lotteries?

You might have recognized some of them throughout the article. Besides what we mentioned at the beginning, there are other reasons to play international lotteries in India. In order to make sure you acknowledge all of them, we decided to create a single list that is easy to remember:

  • It’s Legal: You can bet from wherever you are and don’t mind restrictions because there aren’t laws against online gambling. Only avoid lotteries if your state restricts the type of lottery you want to play.
  • It pays more: There is almost no comparison between the prize and jackpot of international lotteries compared to the national ones. Even if you take the possibilities into account, it’s still worth it.
  • Dozens of games: You don’t have only a few options for games. Within the international lotteries websites in India, you will find dozens of them, each one with specific rules and challenges. Those who really like to play lottery online will prefer American or European websites.
  • Fast payment: Both the deposit and withdrawal of the money you use on international lotteries are fast. Each lotto offers a different range of payment methods, all accepted in India.
  • Bonus and promotions: You’ll want more chances to win, and it may come in the shape of a free lottery ticket. That and many more offers are giving as special promotions in international lotteries in India.
  • Customer support: Anything that goes wrong, and specific questions usually count with excellent customer support. We pick lottery websites in India that give special attention to customers like you. You’ll be able to use chat, e-mail and even phone to solve your issues.

Therefore, all Indian bettors who want to play international lotto in India should take a look at what we listed. There are plenty of different websites, with special tickets, promotions, and lots of different games. It’s almost impossible that you won’t be finding what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lottery Websites in India

We gathered all the most frequent questions from Indian lottery players and decided to answer them all here. Now that you are quite familiar with playing international lotteries in India let’s make sure you know everything you should. In case you don’t find a specific question here, you might want to check our other articles.

How to win the international lottery games?

Just like in any other game, the international lotteries award those who are luckier. There is no extraordinary hint as to how much to bet or how many lottery tickets to buy. A single Indian ticket might be enough to get the maximum jackpot, for example. Our recommendation is always to play safe: choose the websites we analyze and be responsible.

How safe is it to play on a lottery online agent?

When purchasing lottery tickets, the player is most of the time worried about the invested money. However, the payment methods are always encrypted and hosted by known banks or virtual wallets. Therefore, the back-end system is safe, and you can trust it by choosing the websites we pick for you.

Who can bet online in the international lotteries?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old can play on international lotteries websites in India. Then, it’s essential to be aware of the current legislation in the state where you live. Since 2015, each Indian state can deliberate and accept lottery games or not.

Which Indian states currently accept lottery online?

In the following states, there are lotteries which operate within the country:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Assam
  3. Goa
  4. Kerala
  5. Madhya Pradesh
  6. Maharashtra
  7. Manipur
  8. Meghalaya
  9. Mizoram
  10. Nagaland
  11. Punjab
  12. Sikkim
  13. West Bengal

However, you might be looking forward to getting better payouts, and you can find them in international lotteries online. Therefore, even though you might play in both, the national lotteries above aren’t the greatest option. By playing online, you avoid such restrictions of your state and can freely play until further notice.

How much money can I win playing lottery online?

There isn’t a specific limit to how much money someone can do by playing online. Even so, it’s important to play with responsibility, as the websites have the right to close accounts that don’t respect that rule. Reading the updated terms of an international lottery website in India is also necessary, as they might have their limits.

What is the best game in all international lotteries?

There isn’t a specific game that is better than all the others in all aspects. If that were the case, all players from India would prefer to put their money there. However, there are some rules that might sound safer or more attractive to you. It all depends on your bettor profile, in reality.

Now you are ready to start playing international lotteries in India from your phone or computer. Make sure to check our latest reviews and play safely!