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Casino Games: How to Play from Home

Together with international lotteries, the best way to bet online is on casino games. There are many different types, each one with hundreds or thousands of different versions. Therefore, we should learn which ones actually pay in India, and you can play from home.

How to Bet on Casino Games

How do online casino games work?

Just like real table games and slot machines, online casino games follow specific rules and are duly audited. Divided into live and offline versions, you can either play with a real dealer and people or like any other casual game you have. The difference, however, is the possibility to actually earn money you can transfer to India.

They are available in all formats and for all strategies, from ability-demanding to pure luck games.

What is necessary to play them?

Just like with lottery games like Powerball online, there are websites responsible for offering casino games. Similarly to what we do to sites such as The Lotter, they can be evaluated as to define if they are safe. If yes, the only necessary procedure is to sign up and make sure there will be funds available.

Casino dices

The best casino games

There are casino games that will make you feel at home, such as Keno and Bingo. They are popular games which work just like lotteries: you get or pick numbers and hope they are drawn. Others are also entirely dependent on luck and require almost no interaction: the famous slots.

Let’s take a look at what each game has to offer and if any of them will become a favorite for you. Of course, we must emphasize that reliable websites such as HappyLuke available in India are the best way to try them.

How does online roulette work?

Everybody is familiar with roulette or can’t help but remember a Las Vegas movie that showed them. Available in three different versions (American, European, and French), it involves no action from the players. You simply deposit your coins and hope that the ball stops on your bet on a number or configuration.

Together with blackjack, it is one of the casino games that attract more people to live playing.

Online blackjack game

How to play online blackjack from home?

Available in many different live versions, the blackjack is a casino game that attracts a lot of people from India. Even though luck is always involved in casino games, the rules in this game require ability. By counting cards and numbers, it’s possible to make decisions that may result in winning or losing.

Of course, it’s also possible to play offline, but it doesn’t have the same features. By playing a live blackjack game, the bettor can bet on the actual players and only watch or join one with real players. In both cases, there will be a live dealer distributing cards and competing with them.

Slots and video casino games

There is absolutely no doubt that slot machines are the most famous casino games in both real and online casinos. We can easily find them in good casinos such as HappyLuke, and that’s because they are simple and can provide huge jackpots. In fact, the highest slot jackpots can be compared to the millions paid by games such as Mega Millions, offered by PlayHugeLotto.

There are other casino games that are similar to slots but mixed with other famous games. We could mention Video Bingo and Video Poker, both clearly making their point as to what they are made of.  In all options, the player merely has to push a button after configuring his preferences, and the die is cast.

Keno: lotteries’ cousin

Keno is so similar to lotteries that many lottery websites we recommend are offering this type of game. In casino websites, however, they are individual games paying prizes and jackpots to their users. That’s the main difference when we compare to lotteries: fewer people playing, thus a smaller competition.

The player gets to choose a combination of numbers and wait for the draw. In case it’s an online room, the game should run automatically at a given time. Otherwise, the simple push of a button will determine your luck.

What about bingo as a casino game?

The cards in bingo are different from lottery games, as the player can’t pick his numbers. Similarly, there is a limited range of numbers, which may go up to 30 or even 90. Then, also like in a lottery, a certain amount of numbers is drawn, and someone can or not be lucky enough to get them.

Instead of winning because of a certain amount of correct numbers, patterns, and lines determine the winner. The biggest prize, which may be a jackpot in case you bet high, is offered to whoever completes a full card. Other smaller prizes are given to those completing single or double lines, or even completing Video Bingo weird patterns.

Where to play the best casino games?

As we do with lottery games, we analyse which casino games websites are worth signing up into. As we already mentioned, HappyLuke seems to be a good pick for those looking for any of those games above. In short, we recommend looking for websites which are great at the following parameters:

  • Security and data protection
  • License
  • Client support
  • Variety of casino games
  • Good payment methods for India
  • Reputation and credibility

Good bonuses and promotions are a plus, but not necessary. They are not similar to lottery bonuses, which offer a discount or an extra ticket when you purchase with them. If you want, check out the lottery websites we recommend, with great offers.

Now you are familiar with casino games, where to get them, and which ones should match your betting strategy. Check out the websites we recommend and sign up to give them a try.