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Players from India have to transfer their money to the lottery websites and then back when they win a prize. That process looks complicated, but it’s quite easy, thanks to the lottery payment methods. Knowing them all and which works better for you is essential, which is why we created this specific article.

The Instant Lottery Payment Methods for India

Among the deposit and withdrawal methods for international lotteries such as MultiLotto, there are those which are instant. We’ll start with them, as they reflect in immediate funds or don’t take more than a few minutes or hours.

Lottery Payment Methods

Paying Lotteries with Debit and Credit Card

The most popular way to deposit funds to a lottery website is to use credit cards. They are very common in all sorts of transactions, which means most people have them. Virtually all lotteries accept the most common ones, and they are Visa and Mastercard credit cards.


  • Easy to understand how they work;
  • Details are simple to identify;
  • Payments are really instant.


  • May have increased fees.

Those willing to pay a bit more for using their credit cards have a great ally when playing lotteries. Almost all methods have some type of fee included, so it’s essential to check with the respective institution how much they charge.

E-Wallets as Lottery Payment Methods

The e-wallets are payment systems where you can leave your funds and transfer to somewhere else. Names such as Paypal are often not included in the world of lotteries, but Skrill and Neteller are famous among the lottery payment methods.


  • Safe companies take care of your money;
  • The lottery website won’t receive any financial information of yours;
  • Practically instant to deposit and withdraw.


  • Every e-wallet has fees of its own;
  • May not generate bonuses.

Also instant, the e-wallets are the choice for those who don’t want to put card or bank details on lottery websites. On the other hand, they are free to decide how much they charge per transaction. Fortunately, the competition keeps them on track. Also, it’s important to know that some lottery websites don’t give a bonus to people who use e-wallets.

Deposit Through Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are also instant ways to pay, but you have to deposit funds first. They are limited to the money inserted when you generate them, and others are created for further deposits. Some examples are AstroPay and PaySafeCard, each one with their respective minimum and maximum limits.


  • Smaller fees;
  • Allows more control of spending;
  • Also protects relevant financial information;


  • You have to select one of their limits;
  • Might have a subscription in certain cases.

Practical Lottery Payment Methods

Other lottery payment methods aren’t so fast as the option above. They may take several hours or days, but usually are reliable ways of transferring money and may include smaller fees.

Bank Transfer from and to India

Either through a deposit or withdrawal, Indian players can use their money in the bank to play the lottery. Among the lottery payment methods, bank transfers are one of the most reliable ones, but also a bit complex. It’s necessary to provide important details that must be inserted correctly.


  • Most people are familiar with it;
  • One of the safest options;
  • Should not apply any limits.


  • May be complicated for some people;
  • Fees vary according to the institution;
  • It may take an average of 3 working days.

Not one of the fastest lottery payment methods, it’s accepted by international lotteries around the globe. Just make sure to find one website among those we review that has your favourite payment processing method.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are widely accepted as one of the lottery payment methods on many websites. It’s easy to transfer, but the processing time will vary according to the wallet you pick. It has advantages and disadvantages of its own, like the other lottery payment methods.


  • The anonymity is granted, which makes it one of the safest lottery payment methods;
  • Universally accepted, not limited to countries.


  • Not a fixed value, which may result in losses.

The variability is the main feature in Bitcoin, which may result in an advantage or disadvantage. Compared to the other methods, it’s the only way you can’t be sure of how much your money will be worth in a few hours. Have that in mind and don’t apply everything as Bitcoin, due to the risk above.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lottery Payment Methods

After informing you of all the most common lottery payment methods, we’d like to answer a few questions. They are commonly asked by beginners, and it’s crucial that you leave this website to play feeling safe.

  1. Is it legal to transfer money from and to India?Yes, all the companies we review and recommend on our website act in accordance with legal demands. That means not a single one of the lottery payment methods are illegal in your country. Make sure to inform your country accordingly during the sign-up process.
  2. What is the best lottery payment method of all?

    There isn’t a single correct answer to this question. Our recommendation is to analyse every single lottery payment method and find out if their characteristics suit your needs.
  3. How do I deposit on a lottery website I picked?After signing up, look for a “Deposit” button or similar. They are easy to find and lead you directly to the payment page.
  4. How long does it take for my funds to be available to play?The answer varies according to the lottery payment methods you pick. We mentioned those which are instant and others, which may take a long while to update your balance.
  5. How can I withdraw funds?Just like depositing, the withdrawal option is easy to find in any of the reliable lottery websites we indicate here. Make sure to respect the withdrawal limits and procedures. That way, you avoid raising a red flag against your account.