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Play the UK Lotto Online and Win Prizes

Every lottery player from India has two chances every week to become a millionaire with the UK Lotto. It’s a lottery game from the United Kingdom created back in 1994. Now not only the British but also people from all around the world can play it.

We have a lot of material on online lottery games, in case you need an introduction to playing worldwide lotteries. Otherwise, you are ready to understand how the UK Lotto works. Then, you’ll be able to compare it to other games and figure out if it should be your choice.

How does the UK Lotto work?

The UK Lotto has two weekly draws, occurring every Wednesday and Saturday, respectively. Any player from India can win one of the six prizes, including the multimillion jackpot for the full score. To participate, it’s necessary to purchase valid tickets using an online lotto agent.

UK Lotto

Thanks to the internet, the miles mean nothing, and websites such as PlayHugeLottos allow Indian people to become millionaires on international lotteries. We reviewed it, together with other similar “lottos” that will enable you to play UK Lotto.

The numbers go from 1 to 59, and the player has to choose 6 of them. Also, there is a bonus ball that is not necessary to get the jackpot – it’s actually an extra chance! That’s one of the main differences and advantages between the UK Lotto and others, like Mega Sena. That bonus, however, only applies to those achieving at least 5 numbers.

With only 2 numbers, the player may receive a prize. The odds are low as 1 to 10, which means there is always a great chance of winning something at UK Lotto.

When the draw day comes, the six numbers are revealed in the results.

How to purchase tickets and participate?

You need to sign up and have funds available on an international lottery website. Among all of the lotteries, the best websites will have UK Lotto’s tickets as an option. It’s possible to either select the numbers or let the system make a quick automatic selection.

The limit or the lack of it will always depend on the terms of the website you pick. Therefore, make sure to read our reviews and discover which website has the best conditions.

UK Lotto Prizes and Tiers [Including Jackpot]

The average odds of getting a jackpot in the UK Lotto (6 numbers) are 1 in 45,057,474. That’s quite low compared to many other lotteries and has a minimum prize of £2 million (Wednesday) or £3.8 million (Saturday). Therefore, the minimum jackpot varies from₹182 million to ₹346 million.

In case no one is lucky enough to guess the 6 numbers, the jackpot prize doesn’t add to the next draw. It’s distributed to the other tiers, according to the following order:

  • 5 numbers + 1 bonus ball
  • 5 numbers
  • 4 numbers
  • 3 numbers
  • 2 numbers

What is the advantage compared to national lotteries?

People may prefer national lotteries such as the Kerala State Lottery because they are used to it. However, the prizes are far greater and the odds too, when you consider other games. The UK Lotto is only one good example of many other games we review here.

Besides values and odds, there are other advantages that we can mention. In the year 2020, the pandemic resulted in a lockdown, which prevented Indian lotteries from happening. However, people in India could still bet, and earn prizes, using sites with UK Lotto and others.

When can I check the results?

Every Wednesday and Saturday, you can check the results immediately on the website where you purchased tickets. It occurs around 8 pm GMT, and there is no need to claim the prizes. That’s actually another advantage when we compare with national lotteries, which demand your presence.

What do the colours in the UK Lotto balls mean?

Differently from other lotteries, the numbers are separated in sets. Each set has a certain colour, and that shouldn’t add any complexity to your ticket purchase. Although you’ll be able to notice it on the website, here is what they represent:

  • White – 1 – 9
  • Blue – 10 – 19
  • Pink – 20 – 29
  • Green – 30 – 39
  • Yellow – 40 – 49
  • Purple – 50 – 59

Information about playing from India

A few years ago, it wasn’t possible to play in the UK Lotto if you didn’t live in the United Kingdom. However, the online lottery brought the possibility of becoming a millionaire thanks to a lottery that doesn’t exist in your country. That applies to any country in the world, including India and all its states.

We are including the states which banned lottery games because their legislation doesn’t apply to this practice. The bets are actually made in the country of origin, allowing you to play legally.

In case you are lucky, that’s also no concern. However, it’s essential to inform you that it’s necessary to report your earnings and pay taxes on the prizes. The values vary, and we can’t specify how much has to go to your government.

Fortunately, you’ll still be able to keep most of your prize, regardless of the tier. Again, make sure to bet on international websites that are licensed and reliable. Keep away from Indian lottery websites that aren’t allowed to host such lotteries – you could lose your money!

Therefore, we end this article suggesting that you take a look at our reviews. We investigated many popular and internationally recognized websites that pay to India.