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How to choose the best lottery websites in India?

Now that you are probably aware of the possibility of playing international lotteries online, it’s necessary to pick great websites. In case you didn’t notice, the purpose of Lotterindia is to classify all the websites where you can play. We identify them, scan and analyse them according to our parameters and evaluate their services.

Best lottery websites

Before you scroll our list with the best lottery websites in India, we want to explain our workflow. That way, you’ll understand how we choose some brands instead of others. It’ll be a much easier task, picking the perfect lottery website, once you know how we analyse them.

Tips for picking the best lottery websites [in India]

As everything else that has a connection with the money you sacrifice yourself to earn, you need to be sure. Choosing the best lottery websites to play may be a tough quest, for there are way too many options. Among them, there are a few scams that could make you lose the money you play or not even pay your prize.

Therefore, it’s essential to pick websites for lottery that are safe. There are many parameters to help you evaluate it, although that’s a tiring task. Fortunately, Lotterindia does that through our lottery specialists – you don’t need to spend your time.

That said, you are welcome to check the websites we evaluated. They have all the details you need to trust our word, as well as essential information on bonuses and withdrawals. Even so, we’ll continue down below with more details about the parameters we use in our evaluation.

Safety comes first

In the world of lottery websites, the best and safe ones can be identified effortlessly. The first thing we notice is if the lotto operator is licensed to run lottery games. That’s the same as it happens with casinos, as there are authorities responsible for approving those companies.

As long as a licensing authority approves the lotto agent, the first step is concluded. Otherwise, the lottery website is immediately disregarded by our specialists. Then, we make sure it also takes gambling responsibility seriously.

Other aspects related to the security and safety of the player are the support and the website’s history. The first is related to the availability of methods that help the player to solve problems. Ideally, we recommend those which are the best lottery websites with online chat and e-mail available.

As for the history and reputation, it’s essential to check how other players evaluate the website. A company may be licensed and completely ignore its players, which isn’t ideal. Therefore, we check for complaint and other signs that the lotto agent isn’t really reliable.

What are the best lottery websites payment methods?

There are many ways to deposit and play from India, as well as to withdraw the money you win. Small tier prizes and jackpots are all transferred the same way – first to the agent, then to you. Therefore, knowing the payment methods offered is crucial if you want to enjoy your prizes.

You could look for standard options, such as credit or debit cards and bank transfers. They are widely available across the best lottery websites but aren’t the only ones. If you prefer, you might try to get your money through Paypal or Skrill, which are intermediary systems.

However, you should pay attention to the disadvantages. To name a few, you could encounter:

  • Unavailability of those methods in many lottery websites;
  • High fees and exchange rates to India;
  • Unavailability of bonus money with those methods.

As long as a website has good payment offers, we could classify it as one of the best lottery websites. Simultaneously, it’s up to you to read our conclusion and decide if those methods satisfy your strategy.

Variety of lottery games

From Mega Millions to Powerball, there are several international lotteries where you could put your money in. Fortunately, there are great websites with a wide variety that won’t let you down. Of course, we added them, sure that they are trustworthy to our long list.

Besides the games above, you can also play the Italian SuperEnalotto and the famous EuroMillions. You don’t need to be even close to Europe, only to participate in international websites. In all our reviews, we’ll mention the number of options on the website.

Compatibility – play on the best lottery websites wherever you are

The access and the purchase of lottery tickets are straightforward once you know where to find safety. Therefore, many people prefer to do it from their phones, purchasing a few tickets with just a couple of clicks. That means we should look for the best lottery websites which are compatible with mobile devices.

Fortunately, the companies which offer international lottery games are quite aware of the demand. Most of the reliable websites have user-friendly interfaces for smartphones and tablets. That means that everything you see us evaluating on a website also applies to their mobile version.

In some rare and fortunate cases, some companies even offer an app. That’s even easier than opening a browser to play, right?

Bonuses and offers

If all websites were only to offer the same lottery games, there would be no competition. In order to attract the attention of Indian players like you, they offer promotions. They come in the shape of bonuses and offers, which enhance your ability to purchase new tickets.

However, we should evaluate more than how much money if offered as a bonus. We do it, and we identify all the related terms. In that sense, you’ll know what you are purchasing thanks to our specialists.

Are those lottery websites safe?

Now you know how we pick the best lottery websites we indicate here at Lotterindia. However, you might still be concerned with the legislation of your country or region. Fortunately, the best lottery websites we pick are international and not under their jurisdiction.

In that sense, as a player, you won’t be affected. You are free to search for more legal information, but we assure you are in good hands.