India Play Lottery – An Introduction

This is a gambling form where customers draw numbers at random. As per predetermined number sets, lucky winners usually get cash prizes. Governments in most countries outlaw lotteries while in many countries there are state or national lotteries. In most countries governments regulate lotteries to some extent. This helps regulate the lotteries to some extent. For instance, the sale of lottery tickets is prohibited to minors. In the US lotteries are common, which has been so since the 19th century. This started at a time when other forms of gambling were illegal. It remained so till World War II. In the sixties governments realised that lotteries could help raise revenue.

In India there are several India play lottery systems that are state run. About 13 states in India allow lotteries to be run. Leader in this category is Kerala. The State government of Kerala started the lottery department back in 1967. At such a time a ban was imposed on India play lottery. Soon the state lotteries of Kerala inspired other states. Hence, state run lotteries started in states such as Maharashtra, West Bengal, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Sikkim, Mizoram and others.

In other states of the country, the public ban continues on lotteries. However, that has not stopped many lottery providers from offering their services online. Today there are many legitimate and licensed bookmakers and lottery agents online. These are mainly international entities. Many of them allow Indians to log in and play on these websites. Some Indian states have tried to combat such payments. For instance, the Tamil Nadu government bans Google Play since it allows Indians to make payments online, including many casino and lottery sites.

However, lotteries have helped boost the economy of the states that run them. For instance, in the year 2017-18 the state of Kerala collected as much as Rs 908 crore in GST. State revenue from lottery sales was around Rs 1691 crores.

Play India Lottery – Different Lottery Formats

When you opt to play India lottery you need to realise that it is a gambling game. Numbers are drawn at random and one wins cash prizes, at one time most countries outlawed lotteries. However nowadays these are legalised, often state controlled ventures. Hence, in most countries you will find national or state wise lotteries. In India, we play the lottery. These are mostly state run ventures. Vendors who sell lottery tickets are licensed. Also, sale of such tickets to minors is prohibited. When it comes to India playing lottery format, it could be that the prize is a fixed amount in cash or in goods. In such a format, if an insufficient number of tickets are sold, then the organiser might not be able to pay out the prizes. The other, more common lottery format is a fixed percentage of receipts. For instance, a 50-50 draw. Here, the organisers promise that they will pay out fifty percent of the revenue. Again, there are modern lottery formats, common when you play India lottery online. These allow customers to select numbers on their lottery ticket. In such cases there can be multiple winners.

Why Opt for India Play Lottery Online?

There are several reasons why people opt to play India lottery online. When people had to purchase tickets offline, they had to visit specific lottery offices or centres to know the results of the same. It often meant keeping an eye or ears open to hear the results of a state lottery. Usually, results of India’s lottery state schemes are announced through radio or television. Then winners had to visit specific state offices to get their lottery money.

On the other hand, the ease of winning an online lottery has become more manageable and convenient. The following are the reasons why you should choose to buy lottery ticket online:

  • Online lottery systems are manageable and durable.
  • India play lotterysystems online are easy to access as most people have internet-connected computers and smartphones.
  • There are several sites where one can buy lottery tickets; these include several legitimate international casino sites as well.
  • Online lotteries include many bonuses and offers; many also offer free tickets upon signing up. One could also take up match up bonuses or referral bonuses.
  • Online lotteries usually announce results in short timelines. Players who win can get their prize money deposited in their account in record time.
  • Online lotteries also include customer support and service; hence, one can get their queries answered in no time.

Hence, as compared to offline lottery centres, online lotteries are gaining an advantage. There are several websites where one can invest. As a result, it helps increase the chances of one winning.

India Play Lottery – Legality Factors

Indians play lottery under specific state jurisdictions. As per the Lotteries Regulation Act passed in 1998, the Central Government authorised all states to formulate their laws on this subject separately. Hence, it is legal in some states and not in some.

When it comes to the online lottery, however, it is a grey area. It is not so much of legality as it is of licensed sites allowing Indians to gamble on their domains. Legitimate sites that welcome Indians to participate in legit lotteries are the following:

  • The US Powerball
  • Mega-Sena
  • Euro Millions
  • Mega Millions
  • EuroJackpot

These and some Indian lotto sites are legit in allowing Indians to gamble on their sites. These domains allow ease of access and legitimate financial transactions. They provide Indians with easy access to different lotteries that are held every week. However, Indian residents or Indian companies cannot operate such lotteries online. However, running lottery centres as licensed agents is possible, especially in states where lotteries are legal. Currently, there are about 13 states in India where government lotteries are legalised. Hence, when it comes to buy lottery ticket online it is best to resort to licensed international sites. There are many which accept players from India.

Play India Lottery – Offline Systems

In each state where it is possible to play India lottery, there is a separate lottery department created. These are managed by the Finance department at the centre. Each state lottery is designed with distinct schemes. The draws are organized on hours and dates fixed from before. Draws of state lotteries are publicly held. Jumbo machines are used which generate winning numbers in a random manner.

The lottery department distributes the top prizes. For the lower tier prizes, winners need to contact authorized lottery centres. Winners of state lotteries can claim prizes at these centres. In order to do so, winners need to submit their tickets along with other supporting documents that prove their identity. There are claims forms that winners need to fill up and submit.

Some states allow lotto ticket sales while others do not allow Indians to play lottery legally. Kerala prohibits the sale of private lotto tickets except for state-run lotteries. Punjab on the other hand is widening the reach of its lottery system. However, all government lotteries are run with a paper-based system. Hence, those who wish to participate and play India lottery need to purchase lottery tickets on paper. These are sold through authorized agents. The sellers who are authorized help their customers participate in upcoming draws. However, if you are opting to buy lottery ticket online from an online seller claiming to have legitimate tickets, then it is probably not a legal transaction.

India Play Lottery – How to Buy Lottery Ticket Online?

Indian lotto is popular among online lotteries. Sikkim state launched an online lottery called Playwin in the year 2001. Essel Group started this venture. It was discontinued soon when the company went into debt. Lotto tickets are sold in certain states such as Delhi and Haryana.

Those who wish to enjoy the convenience of gambling online can take part in different licensed lottery sites. Most international gambling domains and casinos include lotteries. Indeed, these games of chance are easy to find on many casino sites.

Steps to buy lottery ticket online are as follows:

  • Find a legitimate site to gamble online.
  • Ensure that it accepts Indian players for registration.
  • Fill up the registration form.
  • After the account is formed one needs to make a minimum deposit.
  • There would be several convenient payment options available.
  • Once one has funded their account then they can proceed to participate in a lottery or play other casino games.
  • Most online lotteries announce their results on the same day; win proceeds are then deposited into the customer account.
  • One can then withdraw their wins by transferring them to their bank account.


India play lottery is an evolving scene in India. At the time when online lotteries were not available, offline state lotteries were popular. These are legitimate ways to win life-changing sums in India. However, with the advent of international licensed sites, Indians have the chance to win money online as well. They can find India play lottery at ease at different sites. By purchasing lottery tickets at different domains at one go, they can increase their chances of winning.